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Terms & Conditions
When packing our goods, we make sure that we only use as much as necessary and mostly recyclable packaging. In addition, we also use used cardboard boxes and filling material for our packages in order to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
We ship all of our goods exclusively with UPS. For shipping we need for the shipping form your full name, the exact address, your Email address and your telephone number. All packages are insured and tracked. You will receive the tracking information by Email directly from UPS.
Shipping costs
The Shipping cost depends on your home country:
European Union15.-
Rest of Europe, USA, Canada, Russia35.-
Africa, Near East, Asia45.-
NZ, Australia, Rest of the world55.-
Delivery Time
We dispatch the goods after approx. 2-4 working days from the time the money is received. UPS delivers within Germany the next day, in the EU within 3-4 working days and to non-European countries within a maximum of 8-10 working days.
Payment in Advance
The goods will only be delivered after the full invoice amount has been credited to our account. Please note that bank fees are at your expense.
Usage Recomendations
Operating System
The Vampire computer comes tested and ready to use, fully pre-installed with ApolloOS operating system, or with ATARI EMUTOS operating system - depending on the customer choice.
ESD warning
Please mind that the electronic components/chips on the Vampire V4 are electrostatic sensitive devices and can be damaged by electrostatic discharge.
WARNING: Opening the enclosure without an ESD protective wrist strap, may cause damage and void your warrenty.
IDE Disclaimer
The Vampire comes with a fully tested IDE-CompactFlash adapter and a tested CompactFlash card. Usage of other adapter or devices is at the risk of the user.
WARNING: The incorrect insertion or plugging in of IDE-adapters/Expansions can cause an electronic shock and damage the device. Any resulting mechanical or electrical damage to the system is excluded from the warranty.
Mounting CF Adapter information
If the CF adapter has come loose (in transport etc...) please remove the V4 PCB from the enclosure and place it on a cork board to provide a secure base for this operation. Then push the connection firmly into the port.
WARNING: Not following these instructions can cause the PCB wires to be damaged when exerting pressure on the V4 PCB while it sits inside the case.