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Apollo OS R9.4 Now Available
ApolloOS R9.4 brings exciting updates including refreshed @Morten 3D libraries, new graphic modes up to 1920x1080, Riva v0.59 update, improved performance, and optimized ApolloOS icon library. Upgrade now for a fresh and improved experience!
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Apollo OS R9.2 Now Available
The latest update to the Apollo is now available, on our downloads page. With many improvements and updates. Including the update to allow 16bit Audio, The Apollo Floppy, Apollo Zoom and many more updates.
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Latest ApolloCore Update makes sound sense
Its no secret that the ApolloV4 range offer unmatched CPU, FPU, and SAGA GFX performance.

Now with the latest ApolloV4 Core update Apollo provides the next generation in sound as well with 16 DMA channels and crystal clear 16-bit stereo sound.
Finally bringing cutting edge audio to the Amiga platforms.

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ApolloOS R9.1-RC1 Now available
The latest iteration of our on going commitment to the scene is now available. Update your Apollo V4 system today to take advantage, of this full rebuild of ApolloOS.
Features include-
  • New MUI 5.0 replacing Aros ZUNE.
  • Apollo Explorer for "drag & drop" file exchanges.
  • iBrowse (demo version) for better internet.
  • Full AmiSSL suport enabling to many secure https sites.
  • RNO PDF viewer for better and faster PDF reading.
  • RNO XFER for reliable and fast FTP.
  • RNO Effects for quick and easy GFX effects.
  • RNO Archive incl. complete XAD Client.

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The Amiga A37 Show
15th - 16th October in Mönchengladbach, Germany.
  • Try out the ApolloVampire V4 StandAlone at one of our eight test seats.
  • Take a trip down memory lane, as we will be showing every ApolloCard from the beginning right through to the latest and greatest.
  • Get access to Exclusive Tradefair offers from the Apollo Computer Shop stand.
  • Get a first view of the upcoming ApolloMantiCore V4 Accelerator for the Amiga 600.
  • Participate in our coding sessions and let the ApolloTeam show you how to code on the 68K.
  • Experience the brand new Ultimate Expansion Board for the V4-Series.
  • Meet the ApolloTeam in person and share in the true Amiga Spirit!
The ApolloTeam will be in full attandance, so why not pop along. Lots to see, lots to do...
Price Update
With the general increases in costs that we have all been experiencing recently, Apollo unfortunately has been no exception and over the last 18 months we have seen increases in the costs of chipsets, raw materials, energy and transportation. This means that ApolloComputers must also increase the pricing of all our products to keep the business moving forwards.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you at this time.
R8.1 Release now Available
ApolloOS R8.1 is a free and modern style OS developed by the Apollo Team for the V4 product family. ApolloOS is based on the open-source AROS project and offers both a Amiga compatibility for legacy software as well as a solid future proof platform for exciting new software development, pushing the borders and reviving the Amiga.

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NEW 3D Support!
The latest ApolloCores will open up a whole new world of 3D possibilities un-imaginable on the Amigaverse.
Enabling Exciting new developments to take full advantage of features such as -
  • We have HW 3D acceleration
  • Support modern Truecolor Texture
  • With light / Shade
  • Perspective Correct Texturing
  • High Quality with truecolor Bilinear Filtering
IceDrake Now Available
The IceDrake 68080 - A1200 Accelerator is finally here, released on the 28th of Feb 2022. Already we are experiencing unprecedented demand and interest for the fastest thing you could need in your Amiga. Whilst we are busy working to meet the demand please understand that meeting our usual 2 day delivery promise is proving difficult and customers should expect to see their orders within 7 days.
To Website V2.0 and beyond
We have been working almost non-stop to try and get this next step in the story of Apollo-Computers.com done! The new site will enable us to provide everyone with more centralised and upto date information. Whilst remaining, as best we can, compliant with the current Amiga compatible browsers.

We also intend to keep moveing it forward and improving it, so make sure you give us all your feedback.
Amiga 37 Show Germany
Its been a long wait, but 2022 will see shows return and Apollo will be right back with them, so come and join us at one of the biggest shows. This year A37 in Mönchengladbach will take place on the 15th-16th of October 2022, and Apollo intend to attend in the biggest way possible. So come along meet the team and get involved.
The IceDrake is coming!!
Not long now!

Soon the latest V4 in the Apollo range is going to Transform the A1200 world and take it to the next level.

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V2 GOLD2.15 is out
The ApolloTeam has always been and will always be 100% focused on compatibility. Giving our users the best Amiga Experience.

The most recent v2.15 ApolloCore release for all V2-Series shows our commitment and loyalty to the V2 Community.

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V2 Support update
The physical limits of the possibilities in the V2-Series FPGA have been reached. This means the current functionality will be frozen.

In practice, this means there are no new features to be expected.

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